Manufacture of modern,safe and secure doors

Metal, steel and steel doors. Design of your choice, with interchangeable decorative panels. On the European market since 1992. Since our doors, you are perfectly safe. Our doors are made entirely of stainless steel. Weight 90 kg doors up to 160 kg . Its production line of locks and hardware . All products are made by professional Italian equipment.

  • Technological characteristics :

  • 1. Metal preliminary box ( mounting frame ) .
    Fasteners fixings to the wall , 8 points of support .
    2 . Main duct .
    Main duct made ​​of reinforced steel , painted with electrostatic paint .
    3 . Cloth .
    Formed from a single sheet of steel, forming the perimeter of fabric stiffness profiles .
    1. Castle.
    On the door locking systems used SECURIDO firm COGER, not inferior in quality to world leaders (CISA & MOTTURA). In our product line of different types of locks , depending on the model of the door .
    2 . Manganese plate.
    Used on all models of door locks to protect against drilling .
    1. Loop.
    Provide for adjustment in three planes to ensure uniform load on both loops .
    1. Bolts.
    Mounted on the door leaf hinge side . Pins are received in corresponding holes in the main duct to provide resistance to attempts lifting and opening the door in case of cutting loops.
    1. Deviators deadbolts .
    Protect the door leaf from breaking by bending . On some models, the doors are used crossbars system Griff hook precluding opening the door mechanically.
  • 2 . Dowel - iron rods .
    Provide a secure attachment to the wall of the box prior to the 8 -minute points of support .
    3 . Sound and heat insulation.
    Environmentally friendly material polystyrene foam . Does not absorb moisture , does not change its shape over time . Conformity certificate Noise insulation doors SECURIDO 34 dB .
    4 . Decorative panels .
    The panels are made of MDF coated with melamine , veneer of wood or painted Catalog SECURIDO, as well as valuable types of wood or painted matt .
    5 . Opening limiter .
    Special mechanism of partial opening . When using it, the door can not be opened more than 10 cm in order to remove the restriction , it is necessary to completely close the door and turn the stopper opening to its original position .
    6. Aluminum profile .
    Provides secure attachment of the decorative panels and seal , protecting them from mechanical damage around the perimeter.
    7. Handle .
    Used on doors SECURIDO Italian accessories COGER, made ​​specifically for steel doors .
    8. Stainless steel , fixed threshold.
    Provides additional strength to the main duct and a snug fit silicone plastic seal from the bottom door.